Collecting Tips

Collecting tips from Ryedale Auctioneer's Angus Ashworth

Conducting research about antiques is the best way to educate yourself. Understanding what makes them valuable, what to look for, what periods people are willing to pay the most for, what items are important, and how to spot a fake will help when looking for a collectible, valuable antique.

As well as this, keeping up with current auction results such as ours, and monitoring the market through online research and via publications such as The Art Newspaper and The Antiques Trade Gazette will build upon your knowledge. Most experts would advise first time collectors to start in one small area. Learn about this area in detail and prepare yourself before going out to buy something.

The more knowledge you are armed with, the better the bargain you are likely to find. It is difficult to be an expert on everything, and so, specialising in one area will give you more of an edge when you start adding to your personal collection.

Recommended books for novice collectors, sellers and buyers: Antiques and Collectibles Fact Book: All You Need to Know - In Your Pocket (Miller's Antiques & Collectibles Fact Book: All You Need to), Buying and Selling Antiques: A Dealer's Inside View, Antique Dealers Pocket Guide (Cash in Collecting).