Lladró & Collectables Sale
Posted On: 02 Feb 2021 by Claire Ransome


We held a Lladró & Collectables Sale on the 22nd of January 2021 which was a huge success thanks to our dedicated customers!

We had the opportunity to host a fabulous sale on the 22nd of January 2021 which showcased an extensive collection of Lladró figurines.

The collection comprised of a mixture of current, vintage and limited edition figurines, which came from an avid collector. The sale included 151 Lladró  lots- some with stand alone figurines and some with groupings of similar pieces. The collection was in excellent condition and had clearly been well loved. The majority of these were in their original boxes with bases and the limited edition pieces all had their signed and framed certificates. 

We had an audience from around the world with bidders from the UK, Ireland, Italy and South Korea to name a few. Our team completed over 180 condition reports on the lead up the auction date and had a lot of interest and support from social media platforms, The Saleroom, Easy live Auctions and UK Auctioneers as well.

This sale was a huge success! Here are the three top performing Lots:

  • Lot 32 - Lladró figurine 1492 “Three Sisters” Limited Edition Number 1761/3000, in original box with signed and framed Limited Edition Certificate. This figurine depicts three ladies in Victorian style formal dresses holding parasols, one affectionately playing with a puppy. This Lot sold to a UK buyer for £1000. 
  • Lot 70 - Lladró figurine 5966 “Flowers Forever". This figurine depicts two young girls on a gondola laden with baskets of flowers. This Lot sold to a UK buyer for £940.
  • Lot 9 - Lladró figurine 1521 “The Landau Carriage”. This figurine depicts a lady disembarking from a stationary horse drawn carriage with a young girl and groom sitting inside. This Lot sold to a UK buyer for £920.