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If you are looking to discover a valuable treasure or nab a bootsale bargain then antiques and collectables expert Judith Miller shows you how to solve any collecting case. Find out how to tell a genuine antique piece from a fake. Spot signs that indicate an object has been restored. Discover makers and styles to look out for, and whether an object should be kept, or not. Includes expert advice on makers, questions to ask, tips for identifying the best examples in furniture, ceramics, glass, silver, dolls, teddy bears, textiles and more. With hundreds of photographs that reveal every detail of each piece, you'll soon know exactly what to look for.

Antiques Detective: Tips and tricks to make you the expert


Philip Mould takes a wonderfully interesting look at how art restoration works. But, in looking at restoration of existing paintings, he also delves into how he, as a gallery owner, along with his staff, find work that has remained under-valued or unvalued for centuries. And then how that piece, now restored by Mould's team of experts, ventures back into the art world in renewed glory.

Whether you want to find the best bargains when buying antiques and collectables as a hobby, or whether you want to turn your interest in antiques into an extra income stream or full-time career, this book will help you make better deals and maximise your profits.

You'll discover: -

  • what to buy and sell
  • where to buy and how to get bigger discounts
  • where and how to sell
  • using the internet for both buying and selling

Antiques expert, Fiona Shoop, highlights the tricks of the trade to help you avoid making common but costly mistakes - and ensure that you get the best out of the antiques world.

How to Deal in Antiques


This large-format book contains values for more than 24,000 toys in every category imaginable--action figures, cast-iron and paper lithographed toys, windups, Barbie dolls, model kits, diecast banks, games, playsets, character toys, and many more dating from the 19th century to the present day. Also included are coded dealer listings, plus information on clubs and newsletters and a bibliography of other books of interest.

Schroeder's Collectible Toys: Antique to Modern Price Guide


It's small size makes it perfect to throw into your bag before going out to the auction, carboot sale or flea market. It is jam packed full of information. This Miller's guide tends to focus more on antiques and antique collectibles such as furniture, silver, ceramics and glass and not on more modern day collectibles. A great guide though.

Antiques and Collectibles Fact Book: All You Need to Know - In Your Pocket


Shows you how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes the subtlest variation to an item's colour, backstamp or shape, can make a big difference to its price. Jonty will point out the features to look for on items from the most popular collecting areas such as toys, ceramics, books and comics. Other features include 'How to Spot Fakes', 'Jonty Compares' (comparing a high priced items next to a similar looking lower priced item), 'How to Date' items and 'Market Reports'. There is also a chapter on 'How to Buy and Sell' at Boot Fairs, local auctions and on the internet. With so much informations contained in one pocket guide finding the hidden treasure will be much easier.

Jonty's Boot Fair Secrets: Your Guide to the Hidden Treasures